Shropshire Cottages

Shropshire is still largely unknown to the UK but it has some of the most startling, beautiful and historic scenery in the World. 

History extends back to the Iron age with hill forts, followed by Roman encampments and remains, to the Dark Ages and Offa's Dyke on to the Norman Border Castles such as Ludlow and the small fortified manors like Stokesay. 

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Shropshire has the most wonderful walks across the Long Mynd, on the borders of Wales and further to the East near Much Wenlock, the home of the modern Olympics.    It is an ideal area to visit because it is not far from the rest of England or Wales. About 4 hours from London and you can step back to times before the modern rush and pollution in life did not exist.


At The Old Stables

Villages like Bishops Castle with its Brewery or Clun with its ancient Castle stand, timeless, in the rolling border countryside.  South in Lurkenhope is where On The Black Hill was written a couple of miles North of the Welsh Border town of Knighton.  Further south running parallel with Offa's Dyke in Herefordshire you pass Presteign, Kington and then arrive at Hay on Wye.

And this is just the border lands.


Below the Long Mynd.  Sleep 10 /12  The Old Stables

South of Shrewsbury and Church Stretton can be found The Acton Scott Farm Museum, Stokesay and the one time occupation capital of Wales, Ludlow Castle.   In amongst the rolling secenery are special places such as Clun, famous for its Green Man or Presteign, an ancient town but equally able to hold interesting festivals such as its annual sheet music event.

On the borders of Shropshire, at Richards Castle, the site of a pre conquest Norman Castle, is held the annual soap box derby.  There is a huge amoung going on and Shrosphire is well worth a stay to get a taste to come back for more.


Many of the roads are narrow but are easy to drive if you take your time.  This is a place where thousands of street signs, traffic lights, noise and the stress of driving on modern high speed roads is unknown.  You can meander along in good company and feel as close as it is possible to be walking the route yet still be in a car.  The colours of the seasons are often dramatic


South Shropshire has much to offer and there is so much near by to do and see, it is a very beautiful place: beautiful S Shropshire Hills  Offas Dyke Ludlow Clun and Bishops Castle  

See cottages available:  Shropshire Hills South Shropshire  Ludlow Area South Shropshire  Knighton and Welsh Marches  If you do not find something here why not try a wider search using the facility at the top of the page?  The links only provide a selection of what is available including some cottages close to the border with Herefordshire.