Why a booking charge?

At first sight, a booking charge or fee seems an imposition but services need revenue to survive.  There are several different ways of raising charges but we believe we use a transparent method. Recently, we have decided to combine the booking fee along with the rent when a search is done so that the price for the basic rent and the fee are together at the outset.  This makes things more clear for guests choosing cottages. 

Where we get our income from
Our revenue is raised from two sources, taken together, they represent the income we need to provide a service.  The two sources are the booking fee and a commission charged to cottage owners.  Our commission to owners is significantly lower than for most national booking services. In many cases, owners benefit from rates of well over a third less if they choose our service.  These lower rates enable owners to provide more value and better quality for guests.

What we spend the money on
We spend around 35% of all our revenue on Google Adwords, alone.  In addition to other advertising, we have to constantly improve and develop our web site, provide a good telephone service both during the days and after hours, visit and photograph all cottages and keep a constant eye on quality and service which are essential for successful cottage stays.  We are dedicated to quality and believe in transparency to the extent that we were one of the first holiday booking services to use an independent feedback service: Feefo.  It is well worth clicking on this link to see what the fuss is all about.  For ease of contact, we maintain an office in the middle of the region we serve.

This all costs large sums of money which needs to be raised.

How some other booking services raise income
Some services, particularly some well known brands, have decided to increase advertised rentals and appear to abolish their booking fees.  Instead, they invoice homeowners to recover all income lost without guests being aware that charges are, in effect, still there.  We prefer a more open approach.

We make the booking fee very clear not only in the cottage descriptions but in the booking process.  It is not hidden away.  This link and explanation were created as part of our policy of openness on charging.  The test is, of course, the total sum that guests are charged and the quality and enjoyment of the holidays.  This is all about value.

If you have questions or wish to know more please do not hesitate to ring on 01568 612467.